What's involved in setting up a new company?

Setting up a new Company

If you are a contractor and just starting out or not sure how best to proceed with your career why not think about setting up a Limited Company.

The benefits of a Limited Company

You have Limited liability – if anything goes wrong with your business you only lose the money you have put in and are protected by law from being pursued for further money by creditors.

A better way to take home your hard earned pay.

We have a lot of experience with freelancers and we know the most tax efficient methods for taking money from a Company rather than working as an individual or under an Umbrella company.


There is significant prestige from having your own Company and potential customers (the Companies you are contracting with) will be more willing to take on a contract with a Company than an individual.

We can set up your Company for you, deal with initial registrations with HMRC and set up your Company’s payroll and VAT if required. Depending on the size and complexity of your new Company we will charge between £100 and £180 plus VAT. This is allowable as an expense of your new Company, so contact us to find out more.

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