What is an IR35 contract review?

As a freelancer, contractor or engineer working for your own company there is a potential that HM Revenue & Customs will consider you to be under IR35 and therefore be liable for the same tax and national insurance as an employee.

The main factors which determine if you are caught under the IR35 rules are the terms of the contract between your client and your company.

Andrew Clarke is an expert in contract review for IR35 and as director of CKS Accountancy he is able to review your contracts before you sign them, and suggest how they can be amended to reduce the risk of IR35 issues.

A contract review can cost up to £120 plus VAT but is often provided free to new clients. IR35 can cost you thousands in tax if HMRC investigate your affairs and a contract review to identify and minimize the risks is invaluable.

Talk to us about IR35 and how it might affect you by calling or sending us an email.

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