Staying in business

Better cash flow

Some businesses fail, not because of poor profit but because of cashflow difficulties. We can help you work out your current cashflow and forecast your income and expenses over the coming year to help improve your cashflow.


To be successful in the long term your business needs to be profitable. We can look at your accounts and show you how you might be able to improve sales, work more efficiently and cut costs, to help your profit to grow.

Management Accounts

Regular information is a business’s lifeblood and sometimes annual reporting is not enough. We can help you grow your business by providing quarterly or six monthly management reports helping you to keep track of business performance during the year. Please give us a call to find out more.

Tax Planning

Nobody enjoys paying tax. There are numerous ways to reduce tax and VAT liabilities and we can calculate how much tax you are likely pay and the legal ways to minimise this, so that you reduce your tax bills to as little as possible.

Meeting Regulatory Deadlines

There are statutory deadlines you need to meet when you file your accounts and tax returns. We will prepare these in advance of the filing date so that you never need to worry about receiving penalties from HMRC or Companies House.

Year-end Accounts and tax

We will ask you for all the information we need to complete these once your accounting year end has passed. We will produce all the accounts based on the information you provide and wok out the tax you will need to pay.

Companies need to file accounts with Companies House and HMRC once a year. We will produce and file the accounts for you.

To help with this you will need to provide us with certain information which you need to keep throughout the year.

This includes:

  • Bank statements
  • Spreadsheets or a book you have kept showing income or expenses
  • All your sales invoices – if we prepare your VAT returns we should have these
  • Any expenses you have claimed during your accounting period
  • A spreadsheet showing your household expenses, so we can calculate a claim for working from home
  • You can also keep records on our partner cloud computing software Xero. Check it out here.


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