Selling or Retiring

Whether you are considering a new stage in your career and want to sell your business or are planning on retiring soon CKS Accountancy Ltd can advise you on the best methods for getting your money out the business and avoiding unnecessary tax bills.

Releasing value from your business

CKS has dealt with many clients who have retired from their business. You have probably spent many years building up the value of your business and want to get that value out and put pounds in your pocket. We can help you do this in a way which will be tax efficient and effective.

Tax Mitigation

Selling a business can result in a large tax bill for you personally but there are a number of ways in which we can plan your  tax affairs to reduce this tax bill as much as possible. Please give Andrew Clarke a ring for specific advice to your situation.

Maximising retirement income

There are plenty of ways to get money from your business when retiring but you need to be careful to balance this so that you do not pay too much tax and CKS is able to provide advice on the best methods and tax saving options.

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