Complete accountancy service

CKS have 30 years of experience helping start people in business and can advise on how to set up and organise your business in the most tax efficient manner for you.
We can help you with understanding how your business operates, tell you where you can be more profitable and advise you on the taxes you need to pay. CKS can provide planning on the best way to minimise the amount of tax and VAT you pay.
If you are planning to sell or retire CKS can help. We are able to advise you on how to release your business assets in a tax efficient way and on exit strategies from your business.
We complete hundreds of tax returns every year and we are happy to help with yours. CKS are able to advise about Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax as well as tax-efficient methods of investing your money. Retirement planning is a potential minefield so talk to CKS about how to plan for retirement in a tax-efficient way.
CKS provide a range of services to help you run your business smoothly as well as access to telephone advice from independent experts on Employment law, Health and Safety and business law.
A number of easy to use calculators, these will help you to check and plan your finances.

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We have a range of calculators to help you to check and plan your finances

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It’s totally free, and gives you advice and guidance around setting up as a contractor or freelancer.